Belladot wants to spread the lust in Scandinavia and want to encourage people to get on an enjoyable journey of discovery and explore lust in exciting ways. There are, after all, nothing more natural than just sex. Sex toys should therefore feel like a natural gadget, like a helping hand simply. Yet the purchase of a sex toy in the store is embarrassing. 

To escape the embarrasing feeling when buying Belladot’s products, the brand has gotten a more stripped down and calm identity and with details that are informative and feels playful. The idea behind the new design concept is that it will defuse the purchase by having packaging that are anonymous, but at the same time creates a strong recognition value of the brand. The informative text gets to be at the center of the design instead of an awkward picture of the toy which makes the packaging more anonymous. The simplicity of the wholeness and the details, for example the small spots of color and symbols, creates the strong recognition factor of the brand. 

Submission to Berghs, School of Communication